About the Morrow Brothers

Don and Ron Morrow, an animated and electric pair of identical twins, have grown up as a product of an entrepreneurial father and mother. Born into a grocery mind-set, Don and Ron worked in the footsteps of their father, Chuck Morrow whom has owned multiple successful grocery stores around Oregon. With a sisters who took over their mother’s business, Morrow’s Flowers, it only seemed fitting for the twins to follow in their families legacy.

Don and his beautiful wife Debi opened Morrow Brother’s Produce Market (formerly Portland Fruit Company II) in September of 1999. With an open mind and entrepreneurial spirit, the business grew and flourished in the Gresham community. However, with ever-growing dreams, in October of 2011 Morrow Brother’s moved their fruit-loving business west to Milwaukie! Don and Ron Morrow both attended Milwaukie High School, and were thrilled to have the opportunity to own a business in a neighborhood they loved so much. Giving back to a community that has provided life-long memories is one of the most fulfilling duties of Morrow Brother’s owner Don Morrow.

With a new mindset to a changing neighborhood, Morrow Brothers took a new approach to their previous grocery habits. With the new Milwaukie location, beer and wine at unbeatable prices were newly introduced, as well as an ever-expanding organic produce selection. In July of 2014 Morrow Brother’s introduced a growler station into our unique store, which supports local breweries that Oregon is well-known for! Don Morrow strives to provide his customers with beautiful produce, nursery flowers and groceries at unbeatable prices by maintaining a single store, locally owned and operated. Don Morrow consistently strives to better his store by showcasing locally grown produce, and selling locally made grocery items.

Don and Debi have put their love and hard-work into growing their produce dreams, and hope that you admire their dedication to each and every customer.



Right to Left: Chuck Morrow, Don Morrow, James Feist (Son-in-law), Chelsea Feist (Daughter), Debi Morrow

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